As the One-Stop Food Service Provider,
We deliver reliable and healthy food over the world


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One-Stop Food Service Provider

S.M.AGRI. & FISHERIES CO., LTD. has supplied nuts and processed nut products since
established in 1997. As a specialist of nut, we have observed our corporate
philosophy aimed at providing honest and proper food.

We are moving on the global market beyond the domestic market
by realizing one-stop food service for all the processes,
from importing handpicked raw materials to processing, packing, and selling.

  • Global
    Raw Sourcing

    We have organized Global Sourcing Team

  • Directly Import
    Raw Materials

    We have imported fresh materials at a reasonable price

  • Product

    We are running own R&D Department and Design Team

  • Manufacturing

    We have accumulated know-how to produce proper food

  • Distributing

    We have promoted our goods and met the customer’s needs


  • SUNNUTS Brand / Sunnuts A healthy snack made by nature, SUNNUTS

    SUNNUTS is the representative brand of S.M.AGRI. & FISHERIES CO., LTD. that has been committed to supplying proper dried foods/nuts, based on our know-how accumulated over the past 20 years. We are the first in the field to achieve HACCP Certificate and to develop portable mix nut series, “Daily Nuts Series”. Customers can take recommended daily nutrients comfortably with our handy small packages.

    Thanks to our independent Global Sourcing Team, R&D Department and Design Team, we have succeeded to import superior raw materials from well-known overseas suppliers and produce proper processed nuts. Particularly, our Design Team allows us to offer unique and striking packages to our valuable customers. Also, through Qingdao Shanming Foods Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary in Qingdao, China, we have distributed steady differentiated products.

  • SUNNUTS 하루견과 Brand / Daily Nut, "Health by adding a handful per day" Daily Nut,
    "Keep your health by adding a handful per day"

    Daily Nut, the representative product of S.M.AGRI. & FISHERIES CO., LTD., was released as the first portable mix nuts in Korea under a corporate concept of "Keep your health adding a handful per day,"
    in 2011.

    Daily Nuts Series have been recognized as the competitive brand while set the fashion in the industry. The brand is the result of our effort to give the products a meaning as new ones differentiated through the naming of "Daily Nut". It was simple mixture of dried fruits and nuts same as the existing, however, our Daily Nuts Series have suggested a new direction for the dries food / nuts market beyond a single product.